Which Ingredients Should You Watch Out For When Shopping For CBD Oil?

Did you know that CBD oil is one of the most widely used products on the hemp market? It’s user-friendly, versatile, and bioavailable, making for an exceptionally effective hemp-based routine. But, you can have the most potent CBD oil in the world, while ultimately doing more harm than good because of the other ingredients in the formula. Sadly, there are companies out there who put questionable additives in their tinctures to save money on manufacturing costs, at the expense of our wellbeing.

Luckily, companies are required to tell us what’s in their CBD-based products, and so you can look through the list of ingredients in a CBD oil for yourself, to decide whether or not it’s a formula that you feel comfortable taking once a day.

What are Some Must-Avoid Ingredients?
Now, there are certain ingredients that should be avoided at all costs? How come? Well, because they’re not contributing to the quality or effectiveness of the product, and worse, because they can be harmful to our health in the short or long term.

#1: Artificial Preservatives
There’s really no reason for a CBD oil product to contain unnatural preservatives. Hemp extract in its pure form is good for up to 2 years without any preservatives, and the other ingredients don’t require the heavy preservatives found in a lot of food products. For example, citric acid makes for a perfectly effective preservative while being a natural plant derivative that the body has an easy time digesting. So, avoid any tinctures with artificial preservatives, which aren’t just unnecessary, but can even be harmful due to potential carcinogenic effects as well as their ability to act as endocrine disruptors. The worst offenders? Nitrites, sulfites, and benzoates, all of which can do damage to the body.

#2: Certain Sweeteners
Some CBD oils may contain sweeteners so that you can enjoy a nice, tasty flavor with each serving. But, avoid harsh sweeteners that ultimately cause harm to the body. This includes artificial sweeteners like sucralose, which can cause headaches as well as contribute to diabetes, along with high fructose corn syrup, a high-glycemic sugar which is high in calories and can be harmful to nervous system function.

#3: Animal Derivatives (If You’re Vegan)
If you happen to be a vegan, you’ll need to look for any ingredients that come from animals rather than plants. However, it is extremely unusual for tinctures to contain any animal derivatives, as this is more common with gummies, which may contain gelatin. Still, you’d be surprised by how many companies put unexpected ingredients in a CBD oil, so keep an eye out anyway.

#4: Artificial Flavors
There’s really no good reason to use artificial flavoring in a CBD oil, since there are plenty of natural flavoring agents that work just fine without being difficult for the body to process. Most companies use essential oils and fruit/botanical extracts to give their CBD oils a taste. Artificial flavoring is more commonly found in gummies, but it does exist in some cheaper tincture products. Artificial flavoring can be derived from pretty much anything, and companies are not required to disclose what’s actually in these ingredients. Basically, this means that there’s really no way to know exactly what’s going into your body when you consume something made with artificial flavoring. Also, artificial flavoring is usually going to be listed as simply “flavoring” in an ingredients list.

#5: Medicines
Obviously, you want to avoid CBD oils that contain medications you’re not specifically seeking out. You may be surprised, but companies have been caught putting all kinds of strange medications into their CBD oils to trick people into thinking that it’s the CBD that’s doing all of the work. Examples have been cough suppressants and sedatives that people may have good reason to avoid.

#6: Cheap Fillers
In general, a tincture should be as simple as possible in terms of its formula. Most contain only hemp extract, a carrier oil, and some kind of natural flavor. If you do see a long list of ingredients, then you know that something isn’t right. Some companies try to water down the actual cannabidiol with loads of cheap filler ingredients that only serve the purpose of “filling” out the formula, offering no real advantage to the consumer.

#7: Allergens
Of course, if you have any allergies, make extra sure that the tincture you’re looking at does not contain any allergens. This could mean avoiding certain essential oils, or even carrier oils that give you a particular reaction.

You Deserve Clean, Gentle, and Safe CBD Oil
CBD oils are all about getting in that daily serving of fresh cannabinoids and terpenes, but at the same time, they can come with a side serving of some pretty undesirable ingredients including harsh sweeteners, cheap fillers, and potentially toxic preservatives. Again, pay attention to the list of ingredients from now on, to know that you’re only putting clean, pure, and safe natural derivatives into your body with each serving.

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