5 Reasons Why CBD is a Real ‘Hole in One’ for Golfers

With summer weather here at last, many of us are finding ourselves back on the green to enjoy our very favorite summertime activity: golf.  But, whether you’re a leisurely player or a competitive one, you know that your golfing abilities can change from week to week depending on things like whether or not you’re in pain, how well you slept the night before, and what’s been on your mind the past couple of days.

We all want to do our best during a golf outing, which is why so many players are turning to cannabidiol (CBD).  You see, CBD might be able to improve your golf game in more ways than one, thanks to its multi-faceted effects on the both the mind & body.

How Can CBD Potentially Help Your Golf Game?

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid – a type of compound found only in cannabis, which’s used by the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to regulate processes of the body by attaching cannabinoid receptors found in each bodily system.  CBD allows the ECS to do its job in keeping us in homeostasis – more on that later, hence why it can offer an array of valuable effects to our mental and physical states.

The question then you’re wondering is, “what does this have to do with my golf game?”  Well, believe it or not, there are several key reasons for golfers to use cannabidiol in order to try to be ‘under par’.

Reason #1: CBD Could Ease Your Mood

Any experienced golf enthusiast will tell you that a stressed out, irritable or anxious state of mind does not do them any favors on the green.  If your thoughts are racing or negative, you’re going to struggle to concentrate, and you may lose your confidence that gives you a better swing.  But, CBD could help, as studies have found that it has a unique balancing effect on neurotransmitters that affect our mood, like cortisol, serotonin, and dopamine, to make us generally feel more blissful. 

Reason #2: CBD May Relieve Physical Tension and Discomfort

Obviously, it’s hard to give your best when you’re dealing with some type of pain, like a tight shoulder or an inflamed wrist.  In fact, you may very well end up skipping out on golf outings because the pain is just too much.  But, the next time your buddies organize a game, consider taking some CBD first.  CBD is known for both its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which can ease the pain caused by inflammation, while working hard to lower the body’s pain sensitivity.  This can also be great for after a golf game when you’re feeling a bit sore.   

Reason #3: Balancing a Light or Heavy Travel Schedule

Both professional and amateur golfers alike can travel across the country and sometimes the globe to play golf.  With all that traveling and sometimes time differences, the body starts to feel slightly unbalanced.  CBD might be able help to bring homeostasis to our system in more ways than one.  It’s a major factor why we’re seeing an influx of pro golfers in particular use CBD-infused products.  It can also be a terrific way to come off the plane ready to go for that next golf trip or game.

Reason #4: CBD Might Help You Get More Sleep the Night Before

Speaking of traveling, nobody wants to engage in a sport after a poor night’s sleep, and if you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, you may find that it’s taking away from your golf hobby.  Forcing yourself to play when you didn’t get enough hours in the night before can lead to feeling groggy, unfocused and unmotivated, making the entire experience miserable. 

We mentioned earlier that cannabidiol has a balancing effect on the brain’s neurotransmitters.  It’s that same effect that makes CBD very much worth trying at bedtime.  Another neurotransmitter that it can regulate is melatonin, the “sleep hormone” that helps our bodies stay locked into our innate circadian rhythm, all while lowering cortisol at night so create a sense of mellowness.

Reason #5: CBD Might Boost Your Concentration and Stamina

Do you struggle to focus on the game, feel motivated to win, and maintain your energy levels for the duration?  If so, then CBD could be extremely useful here.  Research has shown us that cannabidiol has cognitive-boosting effects through its interaction with the brain’s CB1 receptors, in order to improve someone’s ability to focus, stay alert, stay engaged, and feel highly motivated, and especially in this case, when it comes to golf. 

Take Some CBD the Next Time You Go Golfing

Overall, CBD may very well be what has been missing from your golf routine, as it can provide all kinds of properties that can make you a better golfer, while improving how you feel while you’re playing.  This natural, non-psychoactive plant derivative is rich in properties that can improve your mental and physical abilities both on and off the green, to make you a better golfer and help you simply enjoy each game without stress, physical discomfort, and other detractors weighing you down. 

The next time you go golfing, bring some Nectar Wellness CBD products along with you like our Supercharged™ CBD OilSupercharged™ CBD Gummies, or Supercharged™ CBD Cream, and see what this amazing cannabinoid can do for you.


Please Note: Before taking CBD, it is best to speak with your doctor first.  Your physician has access to your medical records and can therefore make a proper determination if CBD is right for you.