When Should I Increase or Decrease My CBD Milligram Strength?

When it comes to taking CBD, there are so many factors that ultimately determine whether or not our routine can help us meet our specific needs. One major factor is the milligram strength, which refers to the potency level of a particular product. Any CBD product that’s made with a hemp extract has a specific milligram strength number that tells you how much hemp extract is in the formula compared to the other ingredients.

Many people who aren’t sure as to whether or not cannabidiol (CBD) is working simply may not be taking the right milligram strength to get the results that they want. Everyone’s body is different, and so we all have a unique ideal milligram strength that works best for us. Figuring out what that ideal strength is usually revolves around experimenting before settling on the routine that is clearly making the biggest difference.

There may come a point when you decide to either increase or decrease the milligram strength of the product that you’re using, regardless of the delivery method.

Before we begin, there is just one last important thing to keep in mind. Prior to considering adjusting the strength of your hemp product, you should have been taking it at least once a day for two weeks. How come? Well, because CBD may not be as effective if you take it sporadically. Cannabinoids are more capable of meeting our needs when the body receives a steady, consistent daily supply of them.

So, before considering a change to your strength, try making it part of your daily routine. After two weeks, you can consider whether or not you’re taking the best amount for you.

When to Increase Your Milligram Strength
Increasing your milligram strength will allow for each dose you take to be more potent. Most people who are new to CBD start with a relatively low strength to play it safe, but the reality is that hemp is nontoxic to the body, and the body therefore tolerates high strengths surprisingly well.

Obviously, the biggest sign that you should consider increasing your strength is that you’re not getting the results that you desired. While it could be that you’re using an inferior product or taking a delivery method that’s not right for you, you should consider increasing your strength first, as this is the most common culprit behind lackluster results.

When increasing your CBD milligram strength, make sure to do so incrementally, and wait two weeks before each adjustment to allow the change to really become apparent. Taking far too strong of a strength could make particularly sensitive individuals feel groggy.

Another thing to note is that people with higher body weights should go with higher strengths, because their bodies may require higher levels of cannabinoids in order to be effective. Therefore, if you have a higher body weight than average, you may find that increasing your milligram strength gives you the results more effectively.

When to Decrease Your Milligram Strength
Some people may decide to decrease their milligram strength. This is most likely to happen if a person feels that they are getting groggy after taking their daily dose. Like we said, some particularly sensitive people may get sleepy if they take too much CBD at one time, which could interfere with work, driving and other important daily activities.

Another reason could be that you’re just trying to save money. Products with more milligrams of hemp extract will cost you more, so maybe you feel that you can likely get the results you’re looking for with a lower strength, while saving some money in the process.

Regardless, it is good to decrease your strengths in small increments, waiting two weeks to get used to the change. If you feel that you’re no longer getting the results that you were getting, you can consider increasing again.

When to Leave Your Milligram Strength Alone
Sometimes, you don’t need to change your milligram strength.

  • One reason to not adjust it is because, as we discussed earlier, you’re not taking it consistently enough. Not taking CBD daily could prevent the full capabilities of the product from taking effect.
  • Another reason to leave your milligram strength is because you’re actually satisfied with the results that you are getting and can maintain the same strength in your monthly budget.
  • Consider also leaving the strength alone if you’ve made another change to your routine, such as trying a totally new product. Making too many changes at once can leave you having a hard time knowing which changes worked and which did not make a difference.
  • Also, try to keep your strength as is, especially if you’re changing the dosage amount.

Milligram Strength vs. Dosage
If still interested in changing the milligram strength of your product, either by increasing it or decreasing it, but have a lot of product left in your bottle or container, try adjusting your daily dosage amount instead. Either consider taking a larger dose or a smaller dose each day, as this will give you the same effect as changing the strength.

For instance, if you’re taking one CBD gummy daily, and not seeing noticeable results, try taking two of them in order to give your body twice the amount of cannabidiol that it was getting before. Then, when your product runs out, you can instead go for a gummy-based formula with twice the milligram strength so that you can go back to taking only one gummy each day.

Bottom Line: Adjust Your CBD Milligram Strength as You See Fit
Whether you want a stronger CBD experience or one that’s not potent, changing the milligram strength of your hemp product is an easy process. Just make sure that when you do make an adjustment to the strength, that you do so gradually to not throw off your routine any more than is necessary. Once you do find the proper milligram strength. you’ll be more likely to get those awesome results.