What Type of Smell Should CBD Gummies and Tinctures Have?

Sure, we feel the effects of Nectar Wellness CBD gummies (Supercharged™ CBD Gummies) and CBD tinctures (Supercharged™ CBD Oil), and we get to enjoy their taste as we take each daily dose. But, when was the last time you really paid attention to the smell of your CBD-based product? You might be surprised by just how much you can learn about the product based on its aroma alone, including whether or not it’s safe to consume, whether or not it’s made with high-quality ingredients, and even the kind of hemp extract that you’ve in your formula.

What Gives CBD Gummies and Tinctures Their Smells?
#1: Flavoring Ingredients
CBD gummies are always flavored, and many tinctures, but not all of them, contain flavoring as well. Naturally, if you have a flavored CBD product, it’s going to have a smell. Most of these products use fruit-based flavoring which can be natural or artificial, and most can tell the difference in this regard.

#2: Terpenes
If your gummy or tincture is made with either broad or full spectrum hemp, as opposed to CBD isolate, you’ll also notice the smell of the terpenes found in the plant. Terpenes are compounds that give hemp its flavor and aroma, and are responsible for the earthy, herbal fragrance we associate with cannabis. So, that being said, yes – it’s normal for your CBD gummies and tinctures to smell like marijuana, despite coming from hemp.

#3: Other Ingredients
Of course, there are all kinds of ingredients you may find in a tincture or gummy that gives the product a certain aroma note. A good example is MCT oil, which is a commonly used carrier oil in tinctures. Derived from coconuts, MCT has a slightly sweet and buttery, coconut-like scent.

What Should a Gummy or Tincture Smell Like?
Overall, a CBD gummy or tincture should smell like it’s fresh, made with natural ingredients and overall pleasant. It shouldn’t have any kind of chemical or metallic smell, nor should it smell like mildew, bacteria or other known contaminants.

  • If the product is made with CBD isolate, it shouldn’t smell like the plant at all.
  • If it’s made with broad or full spectrum hemp extract, it should have a distinctive “hempy” aroma that tells you that the terpenes are fresh and potent, as they should be with either type of extract.

What You Can Learn About a Product from Its Smell
The smell of your gummies and tinctures can actually tell you a lot about the product as a whole. Allow us to elaborate.

  • How Fresh It is: Products that smell stale, or have no smell at all, may be expired, or close to expiring, meaning that their compounds are no longer capable of delivering effects. Gummies are typically fresh for a few months, and tinctures up to 2 years. Consuming a product that’s no longer fresh is going to lead to a lot of disappointment since the effects will be very much hindered.
  • How Natural It is: Most people can detect whether or not a product is made with natural ingredients by smell alone. Artificial flavoring and additives tend to have a distinctive “synthetic” aroma that can tell you the quality of ingredients that you’re working with.
  • Whether or Not It’s Safe: A product that has been contaminated in some way will usually smell “off.” Maybe it will have a mildewy smell that suggests mold, or a smell that indicates that it’s been contaminated with bacteria. This can be incredibly helpful, since obviously, it can be dangerous to consume a contaminated product.
  • The Terpenes: Like we mentioned earlier, the hemp plant gets its aroma from its terpenes. So, being able to really smell those terpenes is always a good sign, telling you that you’ll be getting all of the positive effects of these compounds alongside the CBD itself.

Your CBD Gummies and Tinctures Can Tell You a Lot Based on Their Smell
At the end of the day, gummies and tinctures should always smell fresh, and never “off.” If you have poor-quality gummies, the smell can tell you to stay away before wasting your time with them. And, of course, you should enjoy the smell, by selecting a flavor that entices your palate for maximum satisfaction.