What to Do if CBD Isn’t Fully Working Yet For You

Let’s face it – cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most hyped natural products of the 21st Century. In this case, too, all of the hype is completely warranted. CBD really is an impressive cannabinoid to say the least, working with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to support equilibrium and a sense of ease throughout the mind & body. Still, there might be some common reasons though, for why that initial attempt at taking CBD just didn’t go as successfully as you might’ve hoped.

What Happens if You Buy a CBD Product, and It Just isn’t Living Up to Its Reputation?
Before we get into the reasons and ways, remember, it’s possible to build up a tolerance to cannabidiol, similar to a lot of other drugs and chemicals. Hence, if you find that CBD isn’t working as well after a while, attempt to take a few days’ break to reset your system prior to beginning with a small dose again.

Be Patient
First off, it can take some patience before throwing in the towel. Some people notice extraordinary effects after taking cannabidiol for the first time, and others need to simply wait. That’s because CBD doesn’t become fully effective until about 2 weeks of daily use, because the endocannabinoid system needs to accumulate the cannabinoid before it can use it to its full potential. Depending on your endocannabinoid system, you may or may not need just a little more CBD in the system before the effects can truly be felt. In other words, don’t judge the effectiveness of CBD after the first time you take it.

Consider the Quality of the Product
If you’re using a low-quality CBD product, you’re never going to get the results you want. Why? Because that said product may have been made utilizing destabilizing extraction techniques, or simply may have been stored in a way that damaged the stability of the CBD. Only buy your hemp from trusted companies with positive reviews, like at Nectar Wellness, who offer third-party lab reports on their website to confirm the potency, purity, and overall quality of their hemp.

Think About Upping Your Dose
If, after about 2 weeks, you’re still not satisfied with your CBD experience, then maybe it’s time to increase your dosage. Some people have naturally higher or lower tolerances to cannabinoids than others, and it is absolutely not abnormal to need a heavier dose than the average person. If your body weight is on the higher side, or if your situation is particularly severe, it’s likely that you’re just not taking enough of the compound to meet the distinctive needs of your body. Increase your dosage by about 0.5x the amount you’re currently taking, and then see how it feels. Overall, the body can tolerate pretty high doses of CBD, so if you need to keep adding a little more to your daily amount, that’s likely just fine.

Opt for a Higher Milligram Strength
If the CBD-based product you’re taking has too low of a milligram strength, what seems like a high dosage amount still may not be cutting it. A standard daily serving is about 25mg-40mg, and many people take higher doses than that each day. For instance, if those CBD gummies only provide 2.5 milligrams per piece, that would likely explain why you’re not feeling any desirable effects.

Understand the Delivery Method You’re Taking
Another thing to consider is the delivery method. For instance, taking a CBD gummy means that it can take up to 2 hours before you actually feel the cannabinoid in action in the body. So, if you just took a CBD dosage and you’re not getting effects right away, that’s completely normal. Even tinctures can take up to 45 minutes before peaking in the system.

Try CBD on an Empty Stomach
It could also be that you’re taking your dosage of CBD on a full stomach, especially if you’ve gone the gummy route. If you’re in the process of digesting food and you introduce some CBD into the system, that CBD can absorb so slowly that you don’t really feel much of its effects at all. So, try it on an empty stomach and see what happens.

Remember That CBD Works Subtly
Cannabidiol isn’t psychoactive, so there’s no high that you should be waiting around for. It works subtly, and after it absorbs into the body, you should notice a general sense of ease, both in the body and mind. There’s not some sudden moment when you feel the effects of the cannabinoid kick in, and completely change the way you feel in a matter of moments. Waiting around for CBD to work can mean that you are missing out on the gentler effects that’re taking place while it’s working through the ECS.

Consider Any Medications You’re On (Prescription or Non-Prescription)
Remember, certain medications you’re taking can influence how cannabidiol works with your body. In fact, since CBD can suppress the CYP3A4 enzyme responsible for breaking down half the medications we take, you should talk to your doctor before mixing this cannabinoid with any drugs. Regardless, meds can impact how effectively CBD absorbs, as well as the actual effects for which you experience.

Consider Your Current Health
A lot of people find that CBD works less effectively when they’re sick or generally under the weather. The reason why is not fully understood, but likely has to do with the fact that our ECS behaves differently when our immune system is working harder than usual to restore our health.

Bottom Line: Just Be Patient and Strategic When Starting a CBD Routine
Basically, cannabidiol is a complex compound that can take a little bit of time before it really starts becoming effective. So, stick with a daily routine, and consider changing up the product or dosage as you see fit to really reap the full potential that the cannabinoid can offer. Like we said, it’s very rare for CBD to not have any effect on your body, so keep experimenting until you finally find the results you were looking for.