What in the World is “Bioavailability” and Just How Important is It for a CBD Product?

It goes without saying that when using a CBD product, we want to feel its effects as strongly as possible. This is especially the case, if we’re directly seeking out some kind of relief through the hemp plant. Well, some products are more effective than others based on their bioavailability. This term is incredibly important as far as cannabidiol (CBD) is concerned. Understanding then, what makes a product bioavailable will help you make the best choices when purchasing a hemp product moving forward.

What Defines Bioavailability?
Bioavailability is a term used to describe the efficiency of absorption of a product we take. Basically, the more efficiently it absorbs, the more bioavailable it is, and high bioavailability means a product that activates faster and offers a higher potency.

CBD products are rich in chemical compounds derived from hemp which each absorb into the bloodstream to become effective. But, there are all kinds of factors in any given hemp product that impact how much of those compounds actually reach the bloodstream to offer their effects to the body, and how much gets metabolized right away, never actually delivering any effects at all.
Bioavailability is not something that can be measured in a tangible way. Why? Because there are simply too many aspects of a product involved, which have a part in the absorption of those desirable compounds. Good news is, you can get a better idea of a product’s bioavailability by simply knowing what to look for when buying a product.

What Determines the Bioavailability of a CBD Product Then?
When shopping for a CBD-infused product, you want to find a company that’s as transparent about their formulas as possible. This way, you can pick up information that can be put together to tell you a lot about a product’s bioavailability, and as a result, its effectiveness.

Delivery Method
Each delivery method has a specific level of bioavailability based on the way in which it absorbs into the body.

  • Gummies: Least bioavailable way to consume CBD, because the process of digestion means that a good deal of the product gets metabolized instead of absorbed. This is why it can take 2 hours before the effects of a gummy kick in. We make up for this by taking higher milligrams with each serving.
  • Tinctures: Quite bioavailable, with about 50% getting absorbed into the endocannabinoid system through the bloodstream. We know that “50%” sounds low, but the reality is that it’s practically impossible for any product to be 100% bioavailable.
  • Cream: Incredibly bioavailable, because we’re applying it directly to the affected area for fast and efficient absorption. There is little room for the compounds to get dispersed throughout the body and metabolized.

Quality of the Raw Hemp Material
Of course, this matters a lot. If grown organically, it’s more bioavailable since it isn’t exposed to harsh chemicals that can damage the structure of each compound in the plant. Not to mention, the hemp must be fresh, along with the product itself, since, as those organic compounds age, they start to break down and lose their ability to properly absorb into the human body.

Extraction Method Being Used
The extraction method used to create hemp extract is critical, since some extraction methods expose the plant to extreme conditions like heat that break down the compounds and ruin their ability to fully be effective. Look for CBD products extracted using pressurized CO2, which does wonders to keep the compounds fresh and fully intact.

Potency Level
Of course, the number of milligrams of cannabidiol in a product matter. The more potent, the more bioavailable the product is, since there’s a higher proportion of the compounds that will absorb fully into the system. Nectar Wellness takes this into account when deciding how potent to make each product, so that you don’t have to.

Chemical Compounds
Nectar Wellness uses THC-free broad spectrum hemp extract, which contains every other natural compound in hemp including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. These compounds work together synergistically, aiding in the absorption and effectiveness of one another, and this makes the product highly bioavailable.

Find Only the Most Bioavailable Hemp Possible at Nectar Wellness!
Anyone looking to get the full effectiveness that hemp has to offer, keep an eye out for signs of bioavailability. Nectar Wellness CBD products are made to maximize bioavailability, starting with the sourcing of the raw hemp material and ending with the formulations that utilize the best milligram strengths and compound diversity to boost absorption. That’s why our products work, and why so many customers never go back after switching to Nectar Wellness.