Nectar Wellness Supercharged™ CBD Oil Can Be Perfect For Your Dog’s Needs

A lot of us have worked Nectar Wellness CBD products into our daily routines to manage all kinds of needs ranging from physical discomfort relief to improved mood. But, there is another member of your household who can benefit from cannabidiol (CBD), and that’s your beloved dog. At Nectar Wellness, we believe in the effectiveness of this cannabinoid for dogs so much that we crafted Supercharged™ CBD Oil made just for canines. So, if you aren’t sure whether or not CBD oil is right for your furry companion, allow us to tell you everything there is to know about dogs and the hemp plant.

Your Dog’s Routine Just Got Supercharge™!
As it turns out, a dog’s body has the same endocannabinoid system (ECS) that we have, which is why their bodies both tolerate and utilize cannabinoids in a highly effective and efficient manner. Just like us, dogs can enjoy daily servings of CBD that are used throughout the body to help regulate important processes that play a big role in how they feel, and how well their body functions on a daily basis.

Among the properties that cannabidiol can offer to your dog are:

Specially Formulated to Deliver Tons of Value for Your Dog - No Matter Their Size or Breed
Dogs can’t just take any old CBD product, because some products on the market intended for human consumption contain ingredients that their bodies cannot tolerate. Not only that, but dog-specific CBD oils come with dosing directions determined based on a canine’s needs.
Each 30ml bottle contains 60 servings of pure, CBD-rich hemp extract, with 10mg per half dropper. This oil can easily be added to your dog’s food bowl, or even administered orally directly out of the bottle. We use broad spectrum hemp extract, which is 100% free of THC, while retaining every other valuable compound found in hemp including a multitude of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients that each play a role in your dog’s physical and mental state.

Clean and Fresh Ingredients
It’s extremely important that you read the ingredients carefully before giving your dog a CBD product. Supercharged™ CBD Oil – Pets only includes ingredients that at are known to be gentle and safe for a canine. Besides our hemp extract, our oil formula contains MCT oil, a coconut derivative that dogs can easily digest. This means that each serving gives your dog nothing but two simple yet highly effective ingredients. There are no preservatives, flavoring agents or any other additives that take away from the purity we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Perfect for a Daily Routine
CBD is gentle enough that your dog can consume it daily as part of a once-a-day regimen. Still, we always recommend letting your vet know that your furry companion has introduced something new into their routine, especially if your pet is on any medications.

The Cleanest Hemp Anywhere
Our CBD oils all begin with top-of-the-line raw hemp material. We work closely with Colorado industrial hemp farmers who use strictly certified organic growing methods to cultivate their crops without the use of pesticides or other toxic materials. The hemp is then extracted through an advanced CO2 process that keeps the compounds highly stable and bioavailable, without the introduction of solvents and other impurities. From there, each batch is lab-tested by a state-licensed third party to ensure that its chemical breakdown is ideal, and that it’s as pure and potent as possible. Our lab reports are easy to access on our website.

Easy to Administer
CBD oil is a highly versatile product that’s easy to administer to canines. Broad spectrum hemp extract has an extremely mild herbal taste that all but disappears when combined with their favorite wet food. Even on its own, few dogs complain about the taste of naturally occurring hemp terpenes. You won’t have to coax your dog into taking their daily serving of broad spectrum cannabidiol. Plus, by adding it to their meals, they won’t even know that they’re taking it in the first place.

Overall, Supercharged™ CBD Oil - Pets is Made for Our Dogs, with Their Specific Needs in Mind
As you can see, a dog’s body can really benefit from a daily hemp routine, especially when it’s through a CBD oil product that’s highly bioavailable, pure and potent enough to produce daily results. If you think that your dog could use a little hemp in their daily life, grab yourself a bottle and follow the instructions to give them the perfect amount of freshly extracted cannabinoids, terpenes and more, knowing that their endocannabinoid system will use these compounds to their fullest potential to promote a sense of balance and equilibrium. With 10mg broad spectrum hemp per serving, our CBD oil has what it takes to leave your precious pup feeling their absolute best.