How is CBD Making an Impact in the World of Extreme Sports?

Being an athlete in any field requires a huge amount of sacrifice, energy, motivation and concentration. But, being involved in extreme sports requires a whole new level of all of the above. MMA fighters, snowboarders, skateboarders, mountain climbers, surfers, and all other extreme athletes know that the endurance needed to participate in their sport is massive, and that the risk of injury is particularly high.

Any experienced extreme athlete understands the importance of keeping their body in pristine shape, and many athletes learn this the hard way. Given what we know about cannabidiol (CBD), it’s not surprising that many extreme sports athletes are turning to hemp to maintain their performance, physical wellbeing and mental state.

What Can CBD Do for Extreme Athletes?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming a go-to option among extreme sports athletes. Why? Simply put, it’s natural, gentle, legal, holistic, effective, and non-habit-forming, all at once. It’s the dominant chemical compound found in the hemp plant, which, as a cannabinoid, provides the endocannabinoid system (ECS) the fuel it needs to keep the body in homeostasis. How? By distributing CBD to cannabinoid receptors found in every system of the body.

Help with Physical Discomfort
No athlete is a stranger to inflammation, which can occur due to injuries acquired during performance, or from over-exerting oneself during training. Inflammation occurs when the body is injured, and causes swelling, pain and mobility issues that can all interfere with an athlete’s ability to continue their career. Untreated injuries can lead to chronic inflammation which cause an athlete to be in constant pain.

Those looking for a plant-based solution may want to turn to CBD, because the compound is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties that may help the muscles and joints repair themselves. Not only that, but CBD seems to offer analgesic properties as well, which increase a person’s tolerance to pain by balancing the function of pain receptors found throughout the nervous system.

Aid in Recovery
Anyone who pushes their body on a regular basis requires adequate recovery time, during which the body rests so that it can focus on repairing damaged tissue, while restoring energy levels to prevent chronic fatigue. But, that’s easier said than done. Extreme sports athletes may overlook the importance of recovery in order to train harder and longer without enough breaks for the body to replenish its own resources. Plus, failing to allow for proper recovery can mean more injuries, lower immunity, mood disorders, burnout, and rapid fatigue that interferes with training more as time goes on.

CBD might be able to support the body’s recovery, since this cannabinoid is uniquely capable of supporting the body through its regulatory effects on each bodily system. Translation: faster and more thorough recovery, so that you don’t need to take as much downtime.

Neuroprotective Effects
One thing we know about many types of extreme sports is the enhanced risk of concussions, due to the higher likelihood of injury to the head. Interesting to note then, that CBD has been found to be potent in neuroprotective properties, which researchers suggesting a potential for the cannabinoid to be useful following traumatic brain injury due to its impact on neurogenesis and neurological balance.

Help with Performance Anxiety
Ask any extreme athlete, and they’ll tell you that mental health is just as important as physical health to be at the top of one’s game. Dealing with stress and anxiety can lead to a loss of motivation and concentration, both of which can interfere with performance and even put a person more at risk of hurting themselves due to an inability to focus.

That’s yet another reason why CBD can be so powerful in the life of an extreme sports athlete. The cannabinoid has been shown repeatedly in studies to balance neurochemicals that impact mood, to minimize feelings of stress and general emotional distress.

Enhanced Stamina
Obviously, physical stamina is a must if one wants to partake in any extreme sports. After all, the word “extreme” implies that the body is pushed to its absolute limit. And, as it turns out, CBD may have a vital role in fighting fatigue, by regulating our energy levels that have a natural ebb and flow throughout the day, while increasing motivation and endurance.

If You’re Gonna Enter the Extreme Sports Realm, Allow CBD to Be Part of Your Regimen

As you can see, cannabidiol offers numerous properties that can be particularly useful to anyone who partakes in extreme sports. In fact, Nectar Wellness supplies high-quality, CBD-rich hemp formulas for all athletes, with potent servings of bioavailable hemp extracts that can support your mind & body, keeping you in a zone as you catch some major air or waves.
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Go create a routine that can give your body all of CBD’s properties, while taking your performance to the next level.

Note: Before incorporating cannabidiol into your daily routine, best to speak with your doctor first, since they have access to your medical records and can therefore make a proper determination if CBD is right for you.