How Can Cloud Chasers Benefit from Vaping CBD Vape Oil?

If you’re a cloud chaser, then you know that some CBD vapes are more capable of helping you live out your vapor dreams than others.  If you’re looking to maximize your cloud potential with a CBD vape, then allow us to help you figure out how to pull it off with the right vape oil and the right vaping equipment.

What You Need For Cloud Chasing Satisfaction

CBD vape oil can vary in terms of its formula.  While nicotine-based e-liquids generally consist of the same ingredients, CBD vape oils are quite different.  Not only that, but the actual vaping device plays a big role in how thick and fluffy your clouds will be, and there are various devices that you can choose from when it comes to vaping cannabidiol. 

Cloud-chasing, for those who don’t know, refers to “chasing” the biggest, fluffiest clouds of vapor possible, which are exhaled after taking a puff of vapor from your device.  Still, there are some critical factors that determine what your clouds will come out like.

Factor #1: Wattage

The rule of thumb is that the higher the output level of your device, the more vapor you’ll take in, and the more vapor you’ll put out.  That’s because a higher wattage forces your coil to vaporize more e-liquid per hit, resulting in more abundant vapor in the form of dense, fluffy clouds.  Devices can vary when it comes to their highest wattage level, which can affect your cloud potential.

Factor #2: Coil Resistance

The other critical component is the resistance level of the coil that’s in your cartridge or tank.  A high wattage level requires a low coil resistance level, as these two share a crucial relationship with one another.  A lower coil resistance level is the secondary factor when it comes to having equipment that can produce the biggest, fluffiest clouds possible.

Factor #3: Vape Oil Consistency

Naturally, the thicker the actual consistency, the thicker the clouds.  But, CBD vape oils can vary a lot.  Some contain 100% hemp extracts, and these types of vape oils are found in pre-filled vape cartridges and disposable vapes.  Bottled vape oils often contain some balance between vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) – the same ingredients that act as the base of a nicotine e-liquid.  Higher levels of VG produce thicker clouds, since VG is more viscous than PG.  You’ll find these ingredients in bottled vape oils because bottled vape oils are compatible with more powerful vaping systems like box mods, while cartridges are only compatible with low-wattage devices.  The use of VG and PG makes the vape oil more heat-resistant so that the CBD and terpenes don’t burn when exposed to high temperatures.

How to Cloud-Chase with CBD Vape Oils

At the end of the day, any time you vape, you’re getting clouds.  It’s just a matter of how big, dense and fluffy those clouds are.  If you’re seeking out a real cloud-chasing adventure, you’ll probably want to go with a box mod setup and a high-VG bottled CBD vape oil, as again, based on the factors we discussed above, these things make the world of a difference.

Still, CBD has a lower burning point than nicotine, so don’t assume you can use the same high wattage you use with your other e-liquids.  It’s always best to start with the lowest wattage setting and work your way up gradually until you find your sweet spot.  Starting to vape your CBD e-liquids at, say, 150W can burn all of the CBD that’s in your tank, meaning that you’ve just wasted a good deal of product.

Bottom Line: You Can Cloud Chase with CBD Vape Oil

Thanks to bottled vape oils, you can enjoy your favorite hemp derivative while still being able to blow impressive clouds for days.  It’s all about choosing the right vaping hardware and the right vape oil formula, and even tweaking your output level until you’ve got the perfect balance between rich terpene flavor and thickly gorgeous plumes of vapor.