How are CrossFit Athletes Benefiting from Using CBD?

Nectar Wellness is always happy to see people taking their health and wellbeing into their own hands.  One of the most exciting trends over the last decade has been CrossFit, which encourages a lifestyle that supports both physical and mental wellness from a holistic perspective.  Another trend that has come up at the same time as CrossFit is cannabidiol (CBD), which also has a powerful impact in helping people manage their own state of mind & body.

All that being said, it’s no surprise that a lot of CrossFitters are big fans of CBD, finding ways to incorporate the compound into their various exercises and routines.  Cannabidiol is the natural derivative of the hemp plant that works toward keeping the body in homeostasis by regulating processes managed by the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), and it make sense that it can maximize the results that come with committing to CrossFit.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a multifaceted lifestyle system that involves deliberate changes to one’s daily routine in order to improve their physical and mental health.  It includes dietary changes, exercises and sometimes mindfulness practices which all work together to boost wellbeing, minimize stress and make the body much stronger.

CrossFit is a community network, with members being connected to one another through its official platform, allowing them to motivate one another and even team up to do exercises together.  The sense of community is a big part of what makes this system so unique, and so successful.

Another aspect of CrossFit is personalization.  Members sign up and are assigned exercise and diet changes based on their current health and what their personal goals are.  This way, every member is having their unique needs met, which is superior to a one-size-fits-all approach to one’s health.

What Can CBD Do for CrossFitters?

Since cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, its job is to attach to cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body, in order to then regulate adjacent processes that pertain to our wellbeing and functionality.  CB receptors are located in every bodily system, and consuming CBD on a daily basis means supplying these receptors with what they need to keep our mental and physical states in equilibrium.  Many people say that they feel balanced after taking CBD, because the cannabinoid simultaneously regulates things like physical discomfort levels, mood, sleep, energy, etc., as a tool to supply the ECS what it needs to bring us into homeostasis.

Not only that, but cannabidiol has been shown in studies to play a big role in performance and cognitive functions, both of which play a critical role in helping us maintain an effective exercise routine.  CBD might be able to boost motivation, concentration, endurance, stamina, and alertness, which are all functions required to help us push ourselves with physical activity to become healthier individuals. 

All the meanwhile, CBD is a completely natural addition to one’s routine, while being nontoxic to the human body, non-intoxicating and generally fine to use in the long term due to no real risk of withdrawal. 

Applying CBD to Your CrossFit Practices

If you’re a CrossFit member who wants to give cannabidiol a try, you will be glad to know that Nectar Wellness offers selection of lab-tested and premium-grade CBD products that can each be introduced into your routine.  Supercharged™ CBD Oil, Supercharged™ CBD Gummies, and Supercharged™ CBD Cream contain clean ingredients and effective daily servings of CBD-rich hemp extract.  These products can be taken daily in a personalized way according to your needs, through various administration methods, dosage amounts, and timing methods.  What matters the most is sticking to CBD daily, because the cumulative effect of this cannabinoid means that it’s far more effective when it’s maintained in the body.

CBD and CrossFit: Two Great Ways to Tend to Your Body’s Daily Needs!

Both CBD and CrossFit come with a lot of promise, offering all-natural ways to supply the body and mind with what they need to perform their very best each day.  At Nectar Wellness, we’ve many customers who are part of the CrossFit family, and so have found that our products take their exercises and other daily activities to a whole new level.


Please Note: Before taking CBD, it is best to speak with your doctor first.  Your physician has access to your medical records and can therefore make a proper determination if CBD is right for you.