Can You Use More Than One CBD Product Daily to Feel Extra “Supercharged™”?

Nectar Wellness provides a variety of CBD products which can each satisfy your daily goals for potential relief in their own spectacular way. Each product offers a unique delivery method, affecting how the cannabinoids and terpenes in our broad spectrum CBD extract absorb into the body.

Now, it can be hard to select just a single CBD product for daily use, mainly, since each one comes with its own exciting advantages. So, it’s no wonder why a good amount of our customers ask if it’s alright to take more than one CBD product in a day. The answer is yes, and many of our customers do maintain a highly effective daily routine with more than one of our Supercharged™ CBD formulas.

Which Supercharged™ CBD Formulas are Available at Nectar Wellness?
Our line of premium cannabis products that have exceeded industry standards through quality and innovation. And, we have crafted a few exquisite CBD-infused formulas that are each perfect for daily use.

  • Supercharged™ CBD Oil: If you’re into the idea of taking CBD oil sublingually, look no further. This 30ml bottle containing 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD oil absorbs below the tongue, taking effect in under an hour, with properties that can be felt for 3-4 hours at a time.
  • Supercharged™ CBD Gummies: These mouthwatering CBD gummies can supply effects for up to a staggering 8 hours, with a slightly subtler experience than tinctures. Plus, they’re so delicious, you will have no trouble working them into your daily ritual, with 25mg broad spectrum hemp per serving.
  • Supercharged™ CBD Cream: This carefully formulated CBD Cream contains 1000mg per 2oz, and targets areas of the skin, muscles, and joints to provide a directly localized serving of broad spectrum hemp extract.

What Happens When We Take More Than One CBD Product in a Day Then?
It’s important to know that CBD is a nontoxic compound, which is why the body can tolerate such high doses of it daily. Basically, taking 2 servings of CBD daily isn’t something that you need to worry about. And, mixing and matching different products can offer a totally one-of-a-kind hemp experience that helps you reach your goals faster and more effectively than ever before, which is why we actually encourage our customers to explore our full variety of formulations.

What your exact experience with a combination of CBD products will feel like is gonna depend on these specific things:

#1: Dosage
One thing that can make a difference is how much you take or use of each product. For instance, taking a full gummy with a full dropper of CBD means you’re getting 2 full doses in your system, for about twice as much effectiveness as what’s considered a standard daily serving. Cutting each serving in half is going to give you as much CBD as you’d get from a full serving of one product type.

#2: Time
Of course, when you take each product will make a difference as well. Taking a gummy in the morning and a tincture at night means that there won’t be a point when you’re feeling the effects of two products at once. But, taking a dropper of a tincture and applying a CBD cream at the same time means that you’ll feel the hemp extract in action through two different delivery methods at the same time.

#3: Delivery Method
Yes, the specific combination of products you choose will make a difference, because as we showed you earlier, each product type has its own onset time, duration of effects and potency of effects. So, have fun trying out different CBD product combos, since each one can give you one-of-a-kind results that help take your daily regimen to a whole new level.

Taking Too Much CBD in One Day
Some of our customers may be timid about taking twice the daily amount of CBD, so allow us to clear some things up. Most people who take more CBD than average report zero side effects whatsoever. And, the side effects that can occur from taking a high number of milligrams are very mild and temporary, including mild grogginess, dry mouth and drowsiness. Should you experience any of these effects, you can decide whether or not you want to scale back the amount you take depending on your comfort level.

Supercharge™ Your Lifestyle with Double the CBD from Nectar Wellness
If you’re looking to derive the maximum benefits from the hemp plant, then there’s no reason to stick to just one product from Nectar Wellness. The gentle, holistic nature of the hemp plant means that we can take more than one product type in a day and experience even more of the plant’s wondrous properties for body and mind balance. So, explore our catalog and feel free to explore different formula combinations for a totally customized and highly effective daily routine.

Please Note: Before taking any new CBD-infused product, best to consult with your doctor initially. Your physician has access to your medical records and can therefore make a proper determination if that said CBD product or products are right for you.