Are You a Casual or Hardcore Gamer? CBD Might Be Able to Help You “Level Up”!

The world of gaming has evolved a lot over the last few decades, and at long last, eSports is seen as a legitimate form of sports thanks to the ever-growing community of dedicated gamers. With that comes the recognition that gamers are vulnerable to particular issues related to their health, which are also being considered more than ever before.
Perhaps it’s not surprising that so many gamers nowadays rely on cannabidiol (CBD) as part of their daily or nightly routines. With its gentle yet effective nature, it offers a plant-based way to maintain a sense of balance throughout the body and mind, which can both improve one’s gaming and help with issues that they may develop along the way.

Taking the Needs of Gamers Seriously
Today, we have esports professionals who make tons of money gaming from the comfort of their own homes. And, it’s common to think that they must have it easy. But, the truth is quite different.

Gaming comes with a lot of struggles, and the more dedicated a person is, the more these problems can arise. Gaming is an isolating sport, since most gamers spend hours engaging at home, by themselves, without anyone around. Because of this, mood disorders become common. Besides that, most gaming happens at night, which means that a lot of the superstars in the industry are dealing with disturbed sleeping habits and patterns that can be quite consequential, as we all know.

Where Does CBD Come into “Play” Then?
Well, cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, and due to this, attaches to cannabinoid receptors in each system of the body, which regulates all of the crucial functions that we rely on for physical and mental wellbeing. CBD is also gentle, all-natural, and not known for being habit-forming, making it a pretty low-risk investment that can be used daily for a sense of equilibrium.

Now, let’s get into the specifics.

Mood Regulation
Being isolated all day, combined with the pressures of gaming and common lack of sleep, can lead to all kinds of chronic mood disorders because of the impact that the lifestyle has on neurotransmitters. Anxiety and depression are both relatively common throughout the gaming industry, and when one’s livelihood depends on gaming, it’s hard to make the right changes.

CBD has been studied at length for its impressive role in balancing neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, cortisol and adrenaline which all influence our mood and general state of mind. Studies have shown that cannabidiol may play a role in managing symptoms of anxiety, while offering uplifting properties that those with depression could find extremely valuable.

Relief from Physical Discomfort
All sports come with some level of physical pain that’s expected, and esports are no different, since hours spent sitting can lead to issues with the hips, shoulders and back, as well as carpal tunnel caused by repetitive movements of the hands, wrists and forearms.

Meanwhile, studies have shown that CBD offers both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which could potentially alleviate various kinds of physical discomfort, by simultaneously reducing inflammation within the deep tissue of the body, and disrupting the communications between pain receptors in the nervous system that tell the brain that the body is in distress.

Help with Mental Burnout
Poor sleep combined with hours spent gaming can lead to mental burnout, which can lead to problems with motivation, concentration, mood, mental stamina and memory. A lot of gamers report brain fog that can become chronic if the cognitive center of the brain doesn’t receive adequate support. And, once again, CBD can really come in handy. Studies have found that cannabidiol may have a regulatory effect on cognitive functions in the brain, by boosting mental performance and strengthening neurons and neural pathways for enhanced focus, alertness and motivation.

Improved Sleep Patterns
We’ve already discussed the problems with sleep that can arise from a gaming lifestyle. But, failing to maintain a consistent and adequate sleep routine can lead to all kinds of health issues ranging from memory problems to diseases like diabetes and heart disease. CBD, like we said earlier, has a regulatory effect on neurotransmitters, and because of its soothing effects, it can help strengthen our sleep cycle. Besides that, CBD seems to play a fascinating role in regulating the production of melatonin, which tells the nervous system when it’s time to go to bed.

Looks Like eSports Gamers are Allowing CBD to Be Part of the Game Afterall
Clearly, cannabidiol can provide all kinds of uses to gamers, both professional and amateur. Also, because of CBD’s gentle, all-natural effects, it’s something that definitely can’t hurt. Whether you’re looking to improve your performance or you’re craving relief from tense muscles, CBD is 100% worth trying, especially at Nectar Wellness. Here, we’ve got gamers covered with an awesome selection of lab-tested and bioavailable Supercharged™ CBD formulas that are easy to work into any daily gaming lifestyle.

Note: Before incorporating cannabidiol into your daily routine, best to speak with your doctor first, since they have access to your medical records and can therefore make a proper determination if CBD is right for you