10 Things You Gotta Look For in CBD Oil

 CBD oil remains one of the most sought-after hemp products on the market, and its versatility combined with its user-friendliness appeals to beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike.  But, not all CBD oils are created equally, which far too many of us learn the hard way.  So, how do we know that we’re getting only the very best in terms of quality, effectiveness, flavor, and more?  Just look out for these things, and you’ll be able to count on a successful routine that truly addresses your goals with the hemp plant.

#1: A Manufacturer You Can Trust 

First off, you want to choose a company that makes products that consumers trust and thoroughly enjoy.  Read through the reviews left by a customers to see how other people feel about a CBD oil.  Also, look for lots of information on a company’s website about how products are made, as companies that are transparent with customers are far more likely to be trustworthy.

#2: Lab Reports from a Third-Party

Another must, are those third-party lab reports, which all companies should make available through their website.  These reports show that the company has their hemp tested by a state-authorized third-party facility, for purity, potency, safety and federal compliance.  Basically, if you cannot find these lab reports on a company’s website, that’s a bad sign.

#3: A Clean and Minimal Formula

CBD oil should contain only clean, natural ingredients, and as few ingredients as possible.  It should be free of fillers, with each ingredient contributing to the quality or user-friendliness of the product itself.  A good CBD oil will just contain hemp extract, a carrier oil, natural flavoring and possibly other active ingredients, such as nutrient extracts.

#4: An Effective Milligram Strength

If there aren’t enough milligrams of hemp extract per bottle, you just aren’t going to get any real results.  Most agree that the ideal number of milligrams for a 30ml bottle of CBD oil is 1000mg, as this way, you’re getting a generous 33mg per dropper.  While some people may get results from less than that, the results will not be as noticeable.

#5: A Fresh Formula

The compounds in hemp can degrade quickly if they’re exposed to oxygen, light, heat or humidity, and this will cause them to lose all effectiveness.  Choose a CBD oil that comes in a darkly tinted glass bottle, which keeps the temperature stable and blocks light.  Make sure the oil is also sealed in a way that’s airtight, so that what’s inside stays perfectly fresh to maintain its potency.

#6: Top-Quality Raw Hemp 

CBD oil should come from the best raw industrial hemp possible, because if you start a product with subpar hemp, you’re going to get subpar results.  The hemp should be grown organically, which makes it free of pesticides and other environmental toxins that should be avoided.  Also, hemp that’s sourced in the United States is going to be fresher and therefore more potent, while also being grown under strict domestic agricultural standards of quality and safety.

#7: CO2-Extracted Hemp

A lot of people don’t realize just how important it is that a company uses the right extraction method, because some yield far better-quality results than others.  CO2 extraction is the industry’s gold standard, since it keeps the compounds potent, easy to absorb and chemically stable.  

#8: An Array of Hemp Compounds in Each Bottle 

We always recommend going with a full or broad spectrum CBD oil, as opposed to one made with CBD isolate.  Full and broad spectrum hemp extracts contain a large variety of hemp compounds including lots of property-rich cannabinoids and terpenes, rather than cannabidiol alone.  These compounds can work synergistically with each other to really take the effectiveness of the product to a whole new level.

#9: A Yummy Flavor

Not all CBD oils are flavored, but if flavor is something that is important to you, make sure that you choose a CBD oil that’s going to satisfy your taste buds.  Naturally, you want to actually enjoy each dose of CBD oil, and a flavor that’s unappealing is going to make it hard for you to maintain a daily routine with the product.

#10: The Right Price

Going with the most inexpensive CBD oil you can find would be a mistake.  Why?  Because if the price point is far below average, that usually means that the potency is weak, the ingredients are low in quality, or the product was made using subpar extraction techniques.  But the good news is that you also don’t need to spend tons of money to get a highly effective CBD oil product.  At Nectar Wellness, we make our CBD oil both affordable and phenomenally high in quality, by doing in-house manufacturing that keeps costs fair for our customers.

Find the Absolute Best CBD Oil on the Market for Maximum Results 

Overall, in order to know you’re getting the best results possible from a daily serving of cannabidiol, you’ll need to be extra careful when considering the specific CBD oil formula that you choose.  Luckily, at Nectar Wellness, you can rest easy knowing that our Supercharged™ CBD Oil offer everything you could possibly ask for, including third-party-tested, terpene-rich CBD extract, clean ingredients and more.

Supercharged™ CBD Oil is crafted from the finest Colorado grown hemp fields. We provide our tinctures with a proprietary blend of naturally derived terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids.  Our CBD+CBG Oil with Vitamin D3 oils are designed as broad-spectrum blends that contain less than the required legal limit of 0.3% THC from hemp.