Using Your Hemp Detective Skills to Spot Fake CBD Gummies

There is nothing quite like a CBD gummy, which lets you savor a tasty morsel while enjoying your daily dose of pure, cannabinoid-rich hemp. But, the sad reality is that there are always going to be sketchy manufacturers out there producing low-quality or fake CBD gummies. And, without the right knowledge, it’s easy to end up with a fake on your hands without knowing it until it’s too late. Good news is, there are some really simple ways to tell whether or not you have an authentic product on your hands, as you’re about to find out.

What are the 3 Kinds of Fake CBD Gummies?
Before covering how to avoid fake gummies, it’s important to examine these types of fake products that you can run into.

  • Counterfeit: One type of fake is a product that knocks off that made by a legitimate brand. In other words, the packaging looks identical to another product on the market, but what’s inside the formula is fake.
  • Non-CBD: Another kind of fake is a product that actually contains zero CBD, despite claiming to on the label.
  • Cheap, Potentially Harmful Formulas: Some products may not technically be fakes, but they contain extremely low-quality ingredients that have the potential to cause harm to the body.

Now, let’s talk about the best ways to avoid ending up with any of these above types of fake CBD gummy products.

Method #1: Ask Yourself Who You’re Buying From
First off, always consider who you’re buying the CBD gummies from. For instance, gas stations and convenience stores are not known for maintaining high standards when it comes to the hemp products they carry. We urge you to buy from a manufacturer that has a good reputation and sells their products online, directly to customers.

Method #2: Read Label Carefully
This goes without saying, because you might get some important clues as to what’s inside. For instances, look for spelling mistakes which could indicate a knockoff, as well as clever wording used to disguise things about the formula, such as fine print that says that the product is made with hempseed oil rather than CBD oil.

Method #3: View the Ingredients
Read carefully through the list of ingredients as well, as here is where you can come across some pretty questionable additives. Avoid any ingredients that are associated with causing dangerous side effects, and also look to see whether or not there’s actual CBD on there.

Method #4: Search for Contact Information
Before making a purchase, always see if there’s an easy way to get in touch with the brand. In general, companies that are selling fake or harmful products are going to make it hard for you to contact them. A company that is legitimate will have an accessible customer service team that will be happy to talk to you about your purchase, and how the manufacturer makes their products.

#5: Look For Those Third-Party Lab Reports
Never buy a CBD product before reading through the third-party lab reports. These lab reports mean that the company had their hemp tested by a third-party laboratory that’s authorized and licensed by the state to analyze hemp samples. The laboratory looks for the concentration of cannabidiol in the product, as well as any impurities and other unwanted compounds. These lab reports should be easy to access through a company’s website, and if you are unable to access them, that’s a huge red flag.

We need to point out that lab reports can be faked. That’s why you want to look for the name of the laboratory and a reference number on the report sheet, so you can verify that the report is legitimate if you need to.

Method #6: Consider the Price
In most cases, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Meaning, if you think you’ve scored extremely cheap CBD gummies, take a second to consider the fact that it’s incredibly cheap for a reason. CBD doesn’t need to completely bust your budget, but the price is going to reflect both the quality of the overall formula, and the concentration of actual cannabidiol in the product. If you are on a budget, rather than opting for cheap, potentially fake gummies, look for coupon codes and sales from your favorite brand instead.

Follow These Key Methods in Order to Always Secure Top-Shelf and Authentic Hemp
Bottom line, there are highly trustworthy, top-quality CBD gummies on the market, like the ones at Nectar Wellness. This means that there’s no reason to settle for a fake product. So, with a few detective skills, you can get rid of the illegitimate hemp that’s out there and only end up with lab-tested, clean, and perfectly effective gummies from reputable manufacturers, to maintain a routine that actually delivers noticeable results.