To Refrigerate or Not Refrigerate CBD Oil: That’s the Hemp Question?

CBD oil is quite a flexible product that highlights this cannabinoid’s awesome properties in all its various milligram strengths.  It consists of a hemp extract diluted in carrier oil, and also is most commonly taken in a tincture form.

CBD tinctures are very easy to take, but still, knowing how to take one correctly is only the first part.  Storing them properly is absolutely critical if you want them to last for as long as possible.  So, does that mean that it’s advisable to keep CBD oil in the refrigerator?

Would CBD Be Able to Survive at Room Temperature?

Believe it or not, CBD oil doesn’t need to be kept cold in order to maintain its freshness.  You see, cannabidiol is an organic compound that will therefore expire after about two years of being produced.  But it doesn’t  go “bad” like rotten eggs or spoiled milk that has been left out in the open air for too long.  CBD isn’t prone to developing dangerous microorganisms at room temperature, like meats and other foods get consumed.  Rather than becoming dangerous, CBD simply loses their potency due to the process of oxidization, which makes them basically useless.

Ultimately, CBD can do Perry fine, assuming it’s kept in a relatively cool place.  In other words, keeping CBD cold will not help in terms of longevity.

Is it Wise to Refrigerate CBD Oil?

Overall, refrigerating a CBD oil will not benefit it in any type of manner.  The reason why some people do refrigerate CBD oil is because they think it will help preserve them longer, but now you know that this isn’t the case.  In fact, refrigerating CBD oil has some drawbacks.  Most carrier oils used in CBD tinctures thicken when cold.  Meaning, your CBD oil may separate or thicken in consistency, thus requiring you leave it out for some time before taking it, so that it can return to its proper homogenized and liquid nature. 

Also, you do need to be mindful of how you store your CBD oil, but right to the point here, refrigerating it is likely gonna cause some hassle rather than keeping the product fresher for longer.

How to Store Your CBD Oil Then the Proper Way

CBD oil will oxidize at a faster rate if they’re exposed to certain environmental factors that speed up the process of chemical compound degradation.  Basically, they don’t like heat, light, or humidity.  Hence, why you should avoid these areas when storing CBD oil:

  • In a bathroom
  • Next to a stove
  • By a radiator
  • Outdoors or in your car
  • In a sunny window
  • Under a bright lamp

Fortunately, you can easily find a cool, dark, and dry place for your CBD oil, whether it be a cabinet, a closet, or a drawer.  This is all you need to keep your CBD oil fresh for its 2-year shelf life, and the consistency will stay thin and homogenized.

Bottom Line: No Need to Refrigerate CBD Oil

Overall, storing your CBD oil in the fridge won’t cause harm, but it is a waste of time nonetheless, and you will likely need to wait until they come back to room temp before being able to effectively utilize them.  Once again, this is why a drawer, closet, or cabinet is the best move when it comes to storing your hemp-based products in general, and luckily, we all have these storage spaces in our homes, so storing CBD oil requires zero effort.  Also, because Nectar Wellness Supercharged™ CBD Oil is crafted from the finest Colorado grown hemp fields, you know you’re getting an ultra-fresh product that doesn’t need refrigeration.