Need to Feel Supercharged™? Grab a Pack of Nectar Wellness CBD Gummies!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a staple of so many people’s daily routines, and for one simple reason: it works. You see, this hemp-derived cannabinoid gently promotes equilibrium throughout the body via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Plus, its gentle nature makes it ideal for a once-a-day ritual. Not to go on and on, but if you’re searching for a way to experience CBD throughout the day, look no further than Nectar Wellness Supercharged™ CBD Gummies. These tasty morsels go above and beyond to rejuvenate your mind & body with our innovative formula.

Supercharged™ CBD Gummies: Hemp Awesomeness at Its Finest!
Nectar Wellness Supercharged™ CBD Gummies are the result of combining the latest research regarding the hemp plant with top-of-the-line formulation methods that ensure maximum results. These tasty morsels satisfy the taste buds beyond belief before allowing the dreamy, bliss-inducing properties of cannabidiol to absorb into the system.

25mg CBD Per Gummy
Each and every gummy offers 25 milligrams of cannabidiol plus hemp terpenes to the body for a synergistic experience that maximizes all that CBD is capable of. This is also the perfect daily amount according to experts, providing enough of this cannabinoid to really give the ECS everything needed to regulate the body’s crucial processes that affect how we feel on a daily basis.

Mouthwatering Mango and Mixed Berry Flavors
Get ready to enjoy absolutely dazzling flavor each time you go in for your daily dose. Our gummies come in an assortment of two flavors: mango and mixed berry. Each flavor hits the spot with fresh fruity goodness derived from the absolute best ingredients you’ll find anywhere. These gummies are so darn tasty, you will even wish that you could finish the whole bag in one day.

Fresh and Carefully Sourced Ingredients
Nectar Wellness doesn’t mess around when it comes to formulating our products, as we’re incredibly conscious of each and every ingredient that goes into our gummies. We source our ingredients thoughtfully, working with fresh, clean plant derivatives whenever possible. Our customers are very conscious of what they consume, and we’re happy to put them at ease. Read the ingredients on our website for more information.

Organic and Lab-Tested Hemp
All quality CBD products start with quality hemp, and we take this stage of the process very seriously. First, we work with hemp that’s grown locally, by experienced farmers in the industry. We only use hemp that was grown organically, which is free of pesticides and more chemically stable. From there, we use top-of-the-line extraction techniques to secure the cleanest, purest forms of these desirable hemp compounds possible. Then, we have our hemp extract lab-tested by a third-party facility, where it’s analyzed for quality, purity, potency and federal compliance. You can find our lab reports easily on our website to learn more.

Vegan and Non-GMO
You can rest easy knowing that our Supercharged™ CBD Gummies are completely non-GMO, and not only that, but they’re vegan as well. We use pectin, a natural fruit derivative, rather than animal-based gelatin, to achieve the gummy texture you know and love. This way, vegans can work CBD gummies into their regimen at last.

Enhanced with Vitamin D3
One thing that makes our gummies stand out on the market is that they’re enhanced with Vitamin D3, an essential nutrient that the body absorbs through sun exposure. The majority of us do not receive enough direct sun throughout the day to maintain adequate D3 levels, and this can negatively affect us in all kinds of ways when it comes to our mood, sleep, pain tolerance, etc.

Long-Lasting Effects for Your Daily Routine
One of the best things about gummies is that they allow us to experience the effects of the hemp plant that we seek out for hours at a time. The effects are the longest-lasting out of any delivery method, being present in the body for about 8 hours. You can pop a gummy into your mouth in the morning, to know it’s going to get you through the workday, or even take one at bedtime so that its effects last through the night. Can take up to 2 hours for the CBD to fully absorb, so be patient, and know that your patience will be rewarded.

Taste and Feel the Nectar Wellness Difference!
Nectar Wellness is proud to supply one of the finest, most effective, and thoughtfully formulated edibles on the market. These Supercharged™ CBD Gummies offer 25 milligrams of terpene-rich cannabidiol extract, paired with Vitamin D3 to take your routine to a new level. If you’ve been yearning for a flawless way to make hemp a staple of your regimen, our gummies are gentle and holistic, yet highly capable of providing those incredible results that you really deserve.