Need to Feel Supercharged™? Grab a Bottle of Nectar Wellness CBD Oil!

There really is nothing quite like that daily dropper of CBD oil to enjoy a stunning variety of potential benefits associated with the hemp plant. And, at Nectar Wellness, we didn’t just create any ol’ ordinary CBD oil formula. No. Our Supercharged™ CBD Oil takes it to another level by providing everything you need to feel your absolute best, while formulated with some of the most advanced methods on today’s market to ensure thorough absorption for maximum results and potential relief.

Supercharged™ CBD Oil: Get Ready For Some Increased Benefits!
Nectar Wellness Supercharged™ CBD Oil comes in a standard 30ml dropper bottle, with a dropper cap that makes it easy to take a consistent dose of hemp on a daily basis. Our CBD Oil is commonly taken as a tincture, meaning that it’s held under the tongue to absorb through the sublingual tissue, but it can also be used as a food additive or even a topical if desired.

1000mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp in Every Bottle
Every 30ml bottle contains a generous 1000mg of THC-free broad spectrum hemp, coming out to about 33 milligrams per dropper, perfect for a daily serving. Broad spectrum hemp contains every naturally occurring compound in the buds of the hemp plant minus THC, so that you can enjoy CBD and CBG, plus other valuable cannabinoid, terpenes, phytonutrients, and flavonoids all at once.

Two Fantastic Flavors to Choose From
We want our products to taste as good as they feel, which is why we take flavoring very seriously. When ordering Supercharged™ CBD Oil, you can choose between two flavors: Mystic Mint and Wild Berry. Each is flavored naturally so that you can savor a freshly clean and pure flavor with every dropper.

Clean Ingredients
Our customers are very conscious of what they put into their bodies, which is why we put a lot of effort into crafting the cleanest CBD oil products possible. Our list of ingredients is simple: broad spectrum hemp extract, isolated cannabigerol (CBG) extract, coconut oil, avocado oil, oleic acid, terpenes, and natural flavoring, including stevia for sweetness. We never sneak additives or harsh ingredients into our products, and we always maintain transparency with our customers about how our products are made, from seed to sale.

Organic and Lab-Tested Hemp
Nectar Wellness is proud to collaborate with Colorado industrial hemp farmers to produce our variety of products. By sourcing our hemp locally, we can guarantee its freshness, and know that it’s grown under extremely strict agricultural standards. The hemp is grown organically (free of pesticides), and high in nutrients and other desirable compounds. We have our extracts thoroughly tested by a state-licensed third-party laboratory, where it’s checked for purity, potency, federal compliance, safety, and more. Easily access the lab reports on our website to learn more, and then see for yourself that this hemp is absolutely exceptional.

Maximum Bioavailability
Supercharged™ CBD Oil is phenomenally bioavailable. Meaning, this compounds properties absorb at an exceedingly high efficiency rate to be as effective as possible. We use the very best extraction methods to ensure that you’ll get the full extent of what the hemp plant is capable of, to get the results that you’re looking for at last.

Enhanced with CBG and Vitamin D3
Like we said, we enhance our formula with CBG, a cannabinoid in the hemp plant that works with CB1 and CB2 receptors to potentially provide greater relief from physical discomfort. Besides that, each serving is enhanced with Vitamin D3, an essential nutrient that comes from sun exposure, which many of us are greatly lacking in.

Easy to Work into a Daily Regimen
You will have no trouble incorporating our CBD oil into your routine, since it couldn’t be easier to take. Just pour a full dropper below the tongue and wait 60 minutes before swallowing to allow it to absorb through the sublingual tissue. The effects can take place within 15-45 minutes, and last for about 3-5 hours at a time. Alternatively, some people prefer to add a dropper to their meal, since this can extend the duration of effects to about 8 hours, while producing slightly milder effects for those who might find that CBD makes them feel a little drowsy.

Enjoy the Cleanest and Most Bioavailable CBD Oil Possible at Nectar Wellness
Nectar Wellness has worked hard to craft a CBD oil that goes beyond what you’ll find ordinarily on the market. Enhanced with CBG, terpenes, and Vitamin D3, it’s capable of giving you even more of the effects you’re looking for, all while promising phenomenal flavor through the use of natural, carefully sourced ingredients. Bottom line, you deserve to feel Supercharged™ in your day-to-day life, and this tincture makes it simple to achieve everything you want outta the hemp plant in a refreshingly effortless way.