Keep Your CBD Oil Fresh with These ‘Cool’ Storage Tips

CBD oil is a highly effective product that absorbs easily into the body to supply us with all of those magnificent properties that come out of the hemp plant. But, CBD oil can only work if it’s fresh, and many of us could be storing our tinctures improperly without even knowing it.

Failing to store your cannabidiol (CBD) properly can mean a lot of wasted product, so there are some important storage tips that you must follow if you’re going to hang onto a bottle of CBD oil. We recommend that you follow these tips carefully, because otherwise, you can end up wasting money by having to throw that oil out before you even finished using the full bottle.

Why Must CBD Oil Be Fresh?
CBD oil contains organic compounds, and organic compounds expire after a certain point no matter how hard we work to keep them fresh. CBD oil has a shelf life of about 2 years, because after that, the chemical compounds in the product break down and lose their effectiveness entirely. CBD oil that has been expired isn’t dangerous to take, but it’s pretty much useless since it no longer has the ability to absorb properly into the body.

Now, CBD oil can actually expire sooner than 2 years if it’s not stored properly. Being exposed to all kinds of elements can speed up this process, meaning that you’re wasting CBD oil that you only purchased recently.

Signs Your CBD Oil Has Expired
There are a few ways to know if your CBD oil has expired.

  • An obvious way is figuring out how long it’s been since you’ve bought it. If it’s been over 2 years, we recommend tossing it since it’s no longer going to be fully effective.
  • Changes in color and consistency,
  • Aroma and flavor.
  • If it just isn’t giving the same results that it used to, it’s likely no longer fresh.

Keeping Things Fresh: What You Gotta Know
Good news everyone, it’s actually easy to make your CBD oil stay fresh for as long as possible. It is just a matter of knowing how CBD in general needs to be stored. Why? So that those chemical compounds don’t degrade and lose their properties before you’re done finishing the bottle.

Tip #1: Keep Your CBD Oil Away from Heat
First off, you never wanna let your CBD oil get exposed to too much heat, and you may be surprised by how many warm spots are in your home. CBD oil should be kept in a cool place at all times, because heat will cause the compounds in the oil to degrade pretty quickly. Some people prefer to keep their CBD oil in the refrigerator, but we don’t recommend this since it can cause the oil to separate. Room temperature or just below is fine.

Tip #2: Store Your CBD Oil in a Dark Place
Not only can heat damage the CBD oil, but so can light. A sunny windowsill is the worst spot for your CBD oil, as well as any bright area of your home. The good news is that there are plenty of dark areas that are perfect for storage, including cabinets, closets and drawers that are all over your house.

Tip #3: Avoid Humid Areas
Humidity is yet another environmental factor that can destroy the chemical compounds in your CBD oil. A lot of people leave their CBD oil in the bathroom medicine cabinet, where the constant use of the shower creates a steamy atmosphere, but this is the fastest way to lose the effectiveness of what’s in the bottle. Similarly, you should never leave your oil next to the stove, where a lot of steam is produced when cooking. Again, a cabinet, closet or drawer is a great spot because it always remains dry.

Tip #4: Don’t Leave CBD Oil Outside
Of course, never leave your CBD oil outside, whether that be on your deck, in a shed or worse, in your car. Changing, unpredictable weather means that your oil will be exposed to all kinds of environmental factors that can damage the cannabidiol. Only have your CBD oil outside when you’re using it, or simply transporting it from place to place.

Tip #5: Make Sure It’s Sealed Up
Lastly, always make sure that the cap of your CBD oil bottle is screwed on tightly. You want to prevent oxygen from seeping into the formula, which will make the cannabinoids and terpenes break down quickly.

Bottom Line: ‘Fresh’ CBD Oil is Potent CBD Oil
At the end of the day, your CBD oil is only going to be effective if it’s fresh. Plus, the only way to keep it fresh is to store it properly, using these tips above to make that oil last for up to 2 years. Quality, potency, innovation, bioavailability, and product purity will not diminish as long as you keep all this information in mind.