How are Pro Athletes Getting the Most Out of CBD?

Pro athletes are no stranger to pain, fatigue, injury and burnout. Because of that, anyone who plays sports for a living knows that they need to listen closely to their bodies and maintain a routine that keeps them in optimal health. It isn’t surprising then, that cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming a staple of the routines of many top athletes, thanks to the fact that it’s holistic and gentle, while offering head-to-toe nourishment to keep the mind & body in tip-top shape.

What are the Properties of CBD That Could Enhance a Pro Athletes Day-to-Day Life?
Over the last several years or so especially, cannabidiol has been displaying some promising results in an array of studies on its all-around effects. This means that its a helpful tool for athletes looking for something to help them improve their performance on the field/court/ice/ring. In fact, you might be surprised by how much this all-star hemp derivative is capable of.

#1: Getting More out of Each Training Session
Let’s face it – maintaining a daily training routine can be grueling, and it’s easy to get burnt out both physically and mentally because of the intense stamina that’s required to meet daily training requirements. We all have days when we don’t feel like pushing our bodies to the limit, and days when it’s just hard to concentrate or motivate ourselves to do what needs to be done. But, CBD might really come in handy in this department. Studies have consistently shown that CBD works with cannabinoid receptors that balance cognitive functions such as concentration, motivation, stamina and endurance, which are crucial for any athlete.

#2: Help with Tension and Discomfort
No doubt, being an athlete tests the limits of one’s muscles and joints, not to mention their pain tolerance. It’s all too common to develop injuries, and to experience sore muscles as a normal part of daily life. Problem is, trying to push ourselves through the pain can make existing injuries worse, and slowly take away from our quality of life.

But, again, CBD may really come in handy. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can minimize actual inflammation and pain sensitivity respectively, without being habit-forming like many pain medications. Topicals in particular can be phenomenally useful since they can be applied directly to the troublesome areas and absorb directly into the deep tissue for concentrated, localized effects.

#3: May Enhance Their Mood
Stress and other mood imbalances can get in the way of performance, and if your mind isn’t in the game, it’s easy to lose your competitive edge. That’s why so many top athletes see sports psychologists, after all. But, with CBD’s ability to regulate neurotransmitters that affect our mood, the right daily gummy or tincture may be able to help us maintain manageable stress levels and an uplifted feeling that makes us feel more emotionally regulated, so that we can approach each training session and competition with a clear, optimistic and completely focused state of mind.

#4: Could Speed Up Recovery Times
A lot of athletes learn the hard way just how crucial the recovery process is following exertion. Each training session takes a toll on our bodies, and it’s crucial that we rest to let the body repair itself. However, finding the time to rest is easier said than done.

Failing to allow for proper recovery can lead to injury, burnout, weakened immunity, and all kinds of other problems that can become chronic. So, it’s imperative that we support the body’s self-healing mechanisms following a training routine. CBD is an awesome choice because of how it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), to regulate the function of every system of the body. This system helps us achieve homeostasis, which can help the body repair itself more quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime while we recover.

#5: A Potential Boost in Terms of Overall Performance
Studies show that athletes who were administered cannabidiol performed better overall, with enhanced lung capacity, focus, motivation and stamina, as well as physical energy levels. What this means is that taking a dose of hemp before game time can potentially help tremendously, and even using CBD prior to each training session could help you get more out of your time in the gym. Again, this effect seems to come from the cannabinoid’s overall impact on the endocannabinoid system, which regulates the body to ensure that each system is operating to its fullest potential.

Are There Risks for Athletes Taking CBD?
It's not yet clear what the long-term effects of taking CBD are, so football players have to weigh their options and decide if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Looks Like CBD is Quickly Becoming the Winning Choice for Pro Athletes
Professional athletes around the world are discovering that a daily serving of cannabidiol is giving them enormous benefits that help them maintain their bodies and mental state for maximum performance; better than using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). Even if you’re not a pro athlete, you can definitely improve your game by taking some CBD once a day.

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Note: Before incorporating cannabidiol into your daily routine, best to speak with your doctor first, since they have access to your medical records and can therefore make a proper determination if CBD is right for you.