10 Things You Gotta Look for in CBD Topicals

CBD topicals can be a game changer, especially if what you’re trying to get out of the hemp plant is a solution to your more localized issues, like tension in your muscles or skin that could use a little extra TLC.  While CBD topicals can certainly produce dramatic results, especially when used daily, that doesn’t mean that all topicals on the market are equally capable of giving you the effects you’re looking for.  The next time you go shopping for a topical formula, look for these specific things below.

#1: A Reputable Manufacturer

These days, a lot of companies make CBD topicals, but not all brands are equally deserving of your money.  First off, you want to look up reviews of a brand before buying from them, to get an idea of their reputation.  You also want to look through their website to see if they offer lots of information about how they make their products, since the more transparent a company is, the better.

#2: Lab Reports from a Third-Party

Always view a company’s website for third-party lab reports.  This displays how company has their topicals tested for purity, legality, potency, and safety, with the testing done by a state-registered, unbiased facility.  Not to mention, these lab reports should always be easy to access by customers for a number of reasons, including product authenticity/integrity. 

#3: Clean Ingredients

Overall, you want your topicals to contain clean ingredients that aren’t known to irritate the skin or introduce unwanted chemicals into the body.  Basically, more natural the formula, the better.  Avoid ingredients that are known to be harsh or harmful.

#4: The Right Milligram Strength

The milligram strength of a topical formula tells you how potent it is, and the more potent, the stronger the results.  Generally, we suggest a topical that contains at least 500 milligrams of pure hemp per fluid ounce.  This way, you’ll know that each application is potent enough to give you the soothing properties that hemp is capable of.

#5: Maximum Freshness

Products that sit around on shelves for too long lose their effectiveness, since the compounds in hemp have an expiration date of 2 years at most.  Choose from a trusted company that has a high product turnover rate, and even uses airtight packaging to store their products.  This is so the contents remain fresh for as long as possible.

#6: Organic and Domestic Hemp Material

The best CBD products begin with the best raw hemp plant material.  There are two things that make a big difference.  One is whether or not the hemp is organic, since no one wants to be applying pesticides to their body each day.  The other is where the hemp is grown.  Hemp that’s grown in the United States is ideal since it will be fresher, and also because it’s grown under strict standards that lend themselves to a quality end product.

#7: The Right Extraction Method

There are all kinds of ways to extract the compounds out of the hemp plant, and overall, the best method for cannabidiol is CO2 extraction, which uses pressurized CO2 in a way that keeps the chemical compounds in hemp stable, bioavailable and potent.  Look for a company that uses this method to ensure the most effective topical possible.

#8: Additional Cannabinoids and Terpenes

Cannabidiol alone is rich in properties that can really make a difference with daily use.  However, there are hundreds of compounds in hemp that don’t only offer their own valuable properties, but also support the absorption of CBD into the system through synergy.  Look for a topical that’s made with full spectrum or broad spectrum hemp extract, which will contain numerous cannabinoids and terpenes that work together synergistically for max results.

#9: A Non-Sticky & Non-Greasy Formula

Of course, you want to make sure your topical doesn’t leave your skin greasy or sticky with each application.  This doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t work, but it is annoying enough to discourage you from wanting to use the product at all.

#10: The Right Price

Yes, it’s important to consider price.  CBD topicals that are too cheap usually come with a cost, because they’re either made with low-quality ingredients or just aren’t potent enough to be effective.  But, that doesn’t mean that you need to pay the maximum to get a good-quality formula, either.  Topicals generally run from $20-$30 per ounce, which is standard in our industry.

Get True Topical Relief by Choosing Your Formula Wisely 

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